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format file iif

What is an iif file and how do I open an iif file?

IIF files are known as Intuit Interchange Format Files because they refer to the generic data format mainly used by the application called Intuit QuickBooks. Saved in a text-based tab-delimited format, IIF files are quite the same with a .TSV file because they can also be imported using Quickbooks as well as other spreadsheet programs. IIF files used by Quickbooks are usually used to export different kinds of financial data. They are categorized as data files and there is a variety of application used to open these files. Quickbooks is an application available for MAC and Windows. It is an application used by many users for the easy and quick creation of sales receipts or invoices. In other words, this application helps users manage their finances easily. IIF files can also be opened using other spreadsheet applications like the Microsoft Excel 2011, Microsoft Excel 2010 as well as any text editors like the Microsoft Notepad.

Mac OS
Recommended iif file download:
Microsoft Notepad
Microsoft Excel 2013
Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2013
Microsoft Excel 2011
Intuit QuickBooks Mac 2013
Detail iif file extension information:
File Type: iif
File Format: Intuit Interchange Format File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/qbooks, application/qbookspro, text/iif