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format file fox

What is a fox file and how do I open a fox file?

The .fox file extension is used by InfoZoom, software that allows one to find, analyze and report data quickly and easily. It displays large volume of data, making table data contents, structures, etc. clearer. Even files of different formats can be imported using the Info Zoom software and saved using the .fox format. Once data is imported, various viewing features are offered and users have the option to choose how they would like to view a certain .fox file. The options are usually compressed view, overview and wide angle view. Unlike the files saved with the .fop extension, .fox data are not locked and they can be copied, saved, edited as desired. However, even so, it makes file lookups convenient because InfoZoom software features a zoom option that makes that convenient file lookup possible. The .fox file extension is also said to have been associated with FoxBase and Foxpro software and with the Fox VB application.

Recommended fox file download:
humanIT InfoZoom
Detail fox file extension information:
File Type: fox
File Format: InfoZoom Data File
Primary Association: Data Files