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format file euc

What is an euc file and how do I open an euc file?

The EUC file extension is the acronym for Extended Unix Code File. Unix is a multi-user and multitasking operating system developed by a group of AT&T employees at a research and development center called Bell laboratories. It is also at AT&T where the C programming came into existence. EUC file is usually associated with encoding information that is typically fitted for Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages. The EUC structure is based on the standard of ISO-2022 which provides ways to project sets of characters as sequences of 7-bit codes. These codes are classified into EUC-TW, EUC-JP, EUC-CN and EUC-KR. EUC files are normally in Japanese text formats and the characters are encoded in a text string like .RT, .HWP and .FB2 file types. HWP is referred to as Hangul Word Processor Document and used in Korea. RT is RealText Streaming text file identified with RealSystems while FB2 is a FictionBook 2.0 file.

Recommended euc file download:
EUC-JP decoder
Detail euc file extension information:
File Type: euc
File Format: Extended Unix Code File
Primary Association: Text Files