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format file cfs

What is a cfs file and how do I open a cfs file?

Files developed as disk image content contain data associated to other files and even folders entered by the creator of the disk image project file, and files appended with the CFS extension are generally classified as data files and categorized as disk image files. Specifically, these CFS files are called compact file set archives encoded with specifications included as standards of the CFS format, and CFS stands for Compact File Set. These standards are integrated in the creation of these CFS files, and these files can be created, opened and viewed using the Pismo File Mount Audit Package software and the PT ISO Tool application, both of which can be installed in a supported Microsoft Windows-based system to provide users with support for creating, opening and viewing or editing the content of these CFS files. Pismo Technic developed these applications and the CFS file format as programs and standard file encoding and compression specifications meant for reducing the file size and required resources of disk image files.

Recommended cfs file download:
Pismo Technic Pismo File Mount Audit Package
Pismo Technic PT ISO Tool
Detail cfs file extension information:
File Type: cfs
File Format: Compact File Set Archive
Primary Association: Configuration Files