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format file box

What is a box file and how do I open a box file?

Files saved in a format using the BOX extension are used by a wide variety of email management programs, most of which are older versions of currently released email management applications, and these BOX files are generally classified as data files. These are also more commonly referred to as email mailbox files, because a file with the .box extension contains data that can be referenced by the associated email management program to provide the user with access to a list of email messages stored inside the BOX file, and these email messages can be individually opened using supported email management applications. These email management programs integrated with support for creating, using and viewing the content of these BOX files include the IBM Lotus Notes software, the Calypso Email application and Foxmail among others. As of this writing, most currently released versions of email management software use the DBX and MBOX formats instead of the BOX format, though the applications mentioned earlier can be installed in Microsoft Windows-based systems to implement support for these BOX files.

Recommended box file download:
IBM Lotus Notes
Calypso Email
Detail box file extension information:
File Type: box
File Format: E-mail Mailbox
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/vnd.previewsystems.box, application/x-previewsystems-vbox