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format file sbf

What is a sbf file and how do I open a sbf file?

The SBF file extension is a system file that is generally utilized by Google Android devices which include Droid X mobile phones and Motorola Droid 2. These SBF files consist of backup files of data that are saved by the Android phone. The Android system references the data contained in these SBF files during instances that data backup is required. The RSD Lite program can also be used to “flash” an SBF file to a Droid X phone or a Motorola Droid 2. However, it is not recommended for a user to manually restore SBF files as doing so may cause the phone to malfunction. The SBF file extension is also primarily associated with the SuperBase software. This software can develop network server/client software applications. Saved in the binary format, the SBF files that utilize this software can store a database of records that consists of 1 to 999 fields.

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Motorola RSD Lite
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Detail sbf file extension information:
File Type: sbf
File Format: Android System File
Primary Association: Android Files