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format file ppf

What is a ppf file and how do I open a ppf file?

Files appended with the PPF extension are data part files created by Planit’s Edgecam, a CAM, or Computer-Aided Manufacturing program which is used to design components of a machine. It makes use of basic CAD (Computer-Aided Design) features specifically developed to aid in general manufacturing. Edgecam makes use of powerful automation tools including mill-turn machines, programming milling and turning. It also features knowledge based machining , a G-code generator, associative links to solid models and many more. PPF files are used to contain information on a component model including its display textures, material specifications, toolpaths, machine code, geometry, numerical control (NC) data and other part properties. To open and edit such files, the user may be required to have the file’s authoring software, which is Planit’s EdgeCam. Otherwise, the file may be converted to another format to enable viewing through other programs.

Recommended ppf file download:
Planit Edgecam
Detail ppf file extension information:
File Type: ppf
File Format: Edgecam Pathtrace Part File
Primary Association: PaintShop Pro Files