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format file wlk

What is a wlk file and how do I open a wlk file?

The file extension WLK was utilized by Davis Instruments Weather Station for their binary weather data. For them to get the stored data from their instruments, they designed the Weatherlink application. It was processed to save, read, insert update, view, analyze, print, delete and export weather records. Assisting data logger until it was transferred to the computer is its primary function. When the data logger logs and keep files with .wlk extension, it is then downloaded to your computer and it can be utilized for graphing, charting and analyzing of files. The data logger still continue its functions in storing and logging files even if your computer has no stable connection. The data files of Weatherlink from its earlier versions have no exact file extension. Mostly they begin with WDAT1.0 but when Weatherlink version 5.2 was released, these data can now be alternatively kept in the database as MySQL or PostgreSQL. These files comprises of all data stored on the Davis weather stations, like temperature, rainfall, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation, UV sensors, and include archives with a maximum of 120 days and minimum of 1 day, depending on its storage interval.

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Detail wlk file extension information:
File Type: wlk
File Format: Virtus Walkthrough Graphics File
Primary Association: Graphics Files