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format file sqfs

What is a sqfs file and how do I open a sqfs file?

Squash FS Bootable Files or files that refer to the bootable disk images used for UNIX. SquashFS is a Linux operated compressed read-only file system wherein the purpose of this application is for read-only use; archive use, especially with formats like .tar and .gz; as well as for constrained block devices needing low overhead like embedded systems. Since SQFS files are bootable disk image files, they act as physical disks which can be mounted and since Squashfs is a compressed read-only file system, the SQFS files happen to be formatted in a compressed read-only format as well. SQFS files are needed when installing files for operating systems; which is why they are mostly found in installers such as the Linux LiveCD installer that uses “livecd.sqfs” as its bootable disk image name. These files are mostly run in the Linux operating system and opened mainly with Linux installation with Squash FS support.

Recommended sqfs file download:
Linux installation with Squash FS support
Detail sqfs file extension information:
File Type: sqfs
File Format: Squash FS Bootable File
Primary Association: Disk Image Files