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format file sad

What is a sad file and how do I open a sad file?

Sound files that are used by the Black and White Game are saved in the SAD format. SAD files contain the audio files that consists of sound effects, music and other sounds that may be used and necessary for the game to be more fun and interesting to play. Sound files saved in the SAD format are mainly used by games as aside from Black and White, these files also refer to the sound files used by LucasArts games, especially the older version of these games which are used for MS DOS. SAD files are easy to open and access files since any audio playback programs can be used to open them. SAD files can be opened using the Lionhead Studios Black & White application that runs on MAC and Windows as well as the application known as the Dragon UnPACKer can also be used to open these game audio files.

Mac OS
Recommended sad file download:
Lionhead Studios Black & White
Dragon UnPACKer
Lionhead Studios Black & White
Detail sad file extension information:
File Type: sad
File Format: Black & White Audio File
Primary Association: Game Files