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format file rs

What is a rs file and how do I open a rs file?

When drawings are created using the RapidSketch program, these files are saved in the .rs format. RapidSketch is a program popularly used to sketch properties whether they are residential or commercial buildings. These drawings are usually home floor plans, property layouts, and everything that contain details and sketches mainly used in architecture, design, assessment, and appraisal as well as construction tasks. These drawings play a big part in conducting square footage calculations accurately with the use of RapidSketch. RS files make RapidSkecth an excellent and reliable program for calculating square footages. These files also make this program a great arc tool, standard and metric tool, rectangle tool, shapes, as well as other tools that could help create sketches. It was developed by Utilant; therefore these files can be opened with the use of the Utilant RapidSketch software. RS files are also supported by other applications like Sun Raster Graphic, QuickZip, EROSION 3D, etc.

Recommended rs file download:
Utilant RapidSketch
Detail rs file extension information:
File Type: rs
File Format: RapidSketch Document
Primary Association: CAD Files
Mime Type: application/rs, image/sun-raster, image/x-sun-raster