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format file psv

What is a psv file and how do I open a psv file?

Files appended by the PSV extension are game files which are created through Playstation 2, a video game console developed by Sony. Playstation 2 is a part of a series which is a part of the sixth-generation of console gaming, and has already released its third part. It is known as the best-selling console of all time worldwide. The console is compatible with both CD-ROM and DVD-ROM data formats. It also features an online function using a PS2 Network Adapter or broadband internet connection. PSV files are save files used by Playstation 3 when playing, saving and loading data from a game intended for Playstation 2. Such files may be transferred from the user’s PS3 hard drive to a memory card, which can be used to copy the PSV file to the computer’s hard drive. To view and manage file in the PSV format, the program PSV exporter may be used to extract such files. After the conversion, the PSV file may be imported to the program PSV Save Builder for conversion.

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Detail psv file extension information:
File Type: psv
File Format: PlayStation 2 Save File
Primary Association: Game Files