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format file pnt

What is a pnt file and how do I open a pnt file?

A MacPaint bitmap image file is a digital graphics file integrated with image data storage specifications mostly used to compress digital photos and graphics into the bitmap format, which is supported by many digital image viewers and graphics editing applications. The content of a MacPaint bitmap image file is also implemetned with encoding standards proprietary to Apple so the image data stored in these MacPaint bitmap image files can be stored in the PNT format. Affixed with the .pnt extension, these MacPaint bitmap image files can be viewed and created using the MacPaint application, a digital image creation software developed by Apple. The MacPaint software can also be used to modify the image content stored in these PNT files.

Mac OS
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Detail pnt file extension information:
File Type: pnt
File Format: MacPaint File
Primary Association: Raster Graphics Files