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format file pe4

What is a pe4 file and how do I open a pe4 file?

The Photo Explorer Thumbnail Archives or the thumbnail image caches used by Ulead Photo Explorer are known as PE4 files. These files are categorized as Raster Image Files since they refer to thumbnail images, meaning they contain the images in a photo album saved in small versions. Thumbnail images make it convenient for users to browse through album images quickly without having to open the image. These images give users a sneak peek of what a certain image is all about. These thumbnail images are useful when it comes to searching for images in an album. PE4 files are mostly used by Ulead Photo Explorer which is why having Ulead Photo Explorer installed will allow users to open and view PE4 files. This Ulead application is a helpful tool for the smooth download of both digital camera and scanner photos. The program is also useful for the editing of photos, labels, prints, greeting cards, calendars, email, etc.

Recommended pe4 file download:
Ulead Photo Explorer
Detail pe4 file extension information:
File Type: pe4
File Format: Photo Explorer Thumbnail Archive
Primary Association: Raster Graphics Files