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format file enex

What is an enex file and how do I open an enex file?

The .enex file extension is used by Evernote archive files developed by Evernote. Evernote files are usually saved in the .enex format and is also often called an XML document which can be exported from Evernote. Evernote is an application used to create notes that can be imported to Evernote online. This way, notes created by the user can be viewed with the use of the Web browser. This makes it easier for data, information and instructions save by the user in Evernote to be accessed online. In order for these notes to successfully be imported online, they must be in the .enex file format. Most of the time, Evernote must be downloaded or installed to the computer so that .enex files can easily be exported or opened on the computer. ENEX files can easily be imported and exported, though exporting .enex files is only possible with the Evernote application. It may also be opened with Microsoft Notepad.

Mac OS
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Detail enex file extension information:
File Type: enex
File Format: Evernote Archive
Primary Association: XML Files