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format file bkw

What is a bkw file and how do I open a bkw file?

A FONTEDIT mirror image font file is used by the FONTEDIT application as the output file of a Hewlett-Packard LaserJet bitmap font file that has been integrated with vertical axis flipping effects with the use of the FONTEDIT program. These vertical axis flipping effects are implemented into an HP LaserJet bitmap font when a user accesses the mirror image font styling functionality implemented in the FONTEDIT software. This makes the HP LaserJet bitmap font appear as how it will be displayed when reflected in a mirror. The content of a FONTEDIT mirror image font file includes pieces of digital bitmap images that have been combined in one bigger bitmap image, and the data encoding specifications implemented into these FONTEDIT mirror image font files allow its content to be stored in the BKW file format. These FONTEDIT mirror image font files are appended with the .bkw extension.

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Detail bkw file extension information:
File Type: bkw
File Format: FONTEDIT Mirror Image Font Files
Primary Association: Font Files