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format file xy

What is a xy file and how do I open a xy file?

Document output files in the .xy extension are used by XYWrite, a word processing application developed by XYQuest for earlier versions of the Microsoft Windows OS. Users of the XYWrite program can create XY files using this software, and the content of these .xy files consists of text and other digital objects frequently used in presentations and groupware document collaboration projects. Users can implement text formatting and layout attributes into the text they saved in their XY files through the many document editing features provided by the XYWrite program. Digital objects like images can also be embedded into an XY word document. Files stored using the .xy extension may also contain content delimited with >> and << characters, and users of Microsoft Windows-based computers can use Microsoft Notepad and Microsoft WordPad to open and view the content of a document saved in the .xy format. These XY documents can also be opened and viewed by the Corel WordPerfect Office X6 application. XYQuest has discontinued further development and support for the XYWrite word processing software as of this writing.

Recommended xy file download:
Corel WordPerfect Office X7
Any text editor
Detail xy file extension information:
File Type: xy
File Format: XYWrite Document
Primary Association: Text Files