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format file xbdoc

What is a xbdoc file and how do I open a xbdoc file?

The Xiosis Scribe program is a word processing application integrated with text formatting support as well as features for page layout and object embedding options, and this software uses files appended with the .xbdoc extension as its document output format. The object embedding options available in a Xiosis Scribe document in the .xbdoc format may include images, charts and tables. Different typefaces and fonts among other text formatting attributes may also be implemented by the user of the Xiosis Scribe word processing application. An advantage of using xbdoc word documents is that the application also offers multilingual translation support along with text to speech features also with multilingual support. This means users with different native languages can collaborate and share their xbdoc documents using the multilingual support offered by Xiosis, the developer of this word processing software. Plus, visually impaired computer users may benefit from the text to speech support provided by Xiosis, even if they already have screen reading applications, since this text to speech feature is also integrated with multilingual support.

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Xiosis Scribe
Detail xbdoc file extension information:
File Type: xbdoc
File Format: Xiosis Scribe Document
Primary Association: Text Files