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What is a template file and how do I open a template file?

Apple Pages 4.1 can be used to create, open and edit files with the .template extension. These TEMPLATE files are basically text documents that serve as output template files of the Apple Pages 4.1 software. These .template text documents consist of associated page layout elements and formatting attributes of an Apple Pages output document. This means the Apple Pages 4.1 program use these .template text documents as reference files when a user is viewing an Apple Pages text document associated to a .template file. Users can create new text documents with the same layout elements and text formatting attributes as previous text documents quicker and easier by creating a .template file consisting of those exact page layout and text formatting elements, as opposed to creating those text documents from scratch. OS and RAM memory resources are also efficiently conserved by these .template files since the Apple Pages 4.1 just references the TEMPLATE file associated to a text document on focus rather than loading the TEMPLATE file unto itself (which makes the program consume more memory resources). A user can create a text document templat with the .template extension by the "Save As Template" option in the File menu of the Apple Pages 4.1 application.

Mac OS
Recommended template file download:
Apple Pages 4.3
Detail template file extension information:
File Type: template
File Format: Apple Pages Template
Primary Association: Text Files