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format file svf

What is a svf file and how do I open a svf file?

PL (Programmable logic device) designs and CAD developmental projects for ICs (integrated Circuits) can be tested using a serial vector format file created for the specific PLD or IC design. These serial vector format files can be entered with instructions and specifications for conducting particular testing procedures corresponding to each PLD and IC design. These tests may include combinational logic testing processes. These serial vector format files may also be used to debug PCB (Printed Circuit Board) designs and other embedded systems. The encoding and data compilation specifications integrated into these serial vector format files comply with the Joint Test Action (JTAG) standard, more commonly called Standard Test Access Port and Boundary-Scan Architecture. ASCII text formatting standards are also implemented into these serial vector format files, which are saved in the SVF file format and are appended with the .svf extension. ATEs (Automatic Test Equipments) can also use these serial vector format files once connected to debug ports of programmable logic devices.

Recommended svf file download:
Xilinx ISE Design Suite
Xilinx ISE WebPACK
Detail svf file extension information:
File Type: svf
File Format: Serial Vector Format File
Primary Association: Vector Files
Mime Type: image/vnd.svf, image/x-svf, vector/x-svf