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format file smf

What is a smf file and how do I open a smf file?

Files in the SMF format contain audio data with effects, and this file format is integrated with similar technologies and functionalities as files with the MID extension. Audio tracks with the .smf extension can be played using the Apple QuickTime application, and this multimedia program has a version compatible with Microsoft Windows-based systems aside from another version developed for Mac users. The MIDI Manufacturers Association integrated MIDI specifications into the SMF file format during its development. This means SMF files can also contain different tracks combined from different audio tracks stored in several SMF files, which also means files in the .smf format can be combined and converted into one audio track in more popular formats that can be viewed and used with more digital video and document presentation development software, multimedia applications and digital audio players. This provides users with a means to separately add effects to each track and make modifications on others before combining them to play as a single audio track. Some of these effects and modifications may include volume and pitch adjustments, distortions and reverb, panning and timing edits among others. There are third party applications that can convert SMF files into the MIDI format for wider cross compatibility support for more audio editing applications.

Mac OS
Recommended smf file download:
Apple QuickTime Player
Apple QuickTime Player
Detail smf file extension information:
File Type: smf
File Format: Standard MIDI File
Primary Association: Audio Files
Mime Type: application/soffice, application/vnd.stardivision.math, application/x-soffice, application/x-staroffice, text/plain