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format file sls

What is a sls file and how do I open a sls file?

My Photo Gallery is among a number of scripts developed as applets or even as much bigger slideshow presentation applications, and SLS files are used by these scripts for the application to quickly and easily retrieve the directory locations of images included in the slideshow presentation currently viewed by a user with the program. This means content of files saved in the .sls format consists of information relevant for the slideshow program to display the presentations without issues. A wide variety of Microsoft Windows-based text editing and word processing applications can be used to view and edit the content of SLS files, and some of these include the Microsoft Notepad text editor and the Microsoft WordPad word processing application. There are many slideshow presentation scripts aside from My Photo Gallery that can also be used to create and modify the content of these SLS files. By default, the name of files saved in the SLS format is JpgPlaylist.sls.

Mac OS
Recommended sls file download:
Any text editor
Any text editor
Detail sls file extension information:
File Type: sls
File Format: Image Playlist
Primary Association: Partially Downloaded Files