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format file pwi

What is a pwi file and how do I open a pwi file?

Files appended with the .pwi extension are text documents created using the Pocket Word Document technology developed by Microsoft for its mobile word processing application. This word processing software is called Microsoft Word for Windows, also commonly known as Pocket Word, and is bundled with Windows Mobile devices. Some of the more common Microsoft Windows mobile devices include Pocket PC PDAs, and these devices run on the Microsoft Windows Mobile OS. These PWI files support almost all formatting attributes and page layout options, except comments, headers and footers. These PWI files can also be opened or viewed with Microsoft Outlook, via this email management program's "Notes" feature. This is useful when a user wants to view these PWI files using a Microsoft Windows computer connected to a compatible Microsoft Windows Mobile device. InkWriter/Note Taker text files also refer to these PWI files, and Microsoft also provide support for viewing and editing these PWI files using other applications included in its suite of programs with word processing functionalities, such as Microsoft Works.

Mac OS
Recommended pwi file download:
Microsoft Word 2013
Microsoft Outlook 2013
Microsoft Works
Microsoft Word 2011
Detail pwi file extension information:
File Type: pwi
File Format: Pocket Word Document
Primary Association: Text Files