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format file pif

What is a pif file and how do I open a pif file?

PIF files are executable files known as Program Information Files. This is because the information they contain is used by Windows when running a certain program. These information could be the exe file path, the amount of memory used, as ell as the program window size. MS DOS programs originally use PIF files and they serve as executable file shortcuts like an .LNK file. PIF stands for Program Information File, containing necessary instructions on how a DOS application should be executed in Windows. Using the ShellExecute function, PIF files can be analyzed by Microsoft Windows and can be run as executable programs. If a PIF file happens to be sent as an e-mail attachment, users should avoid opening these files as most of the time, they are used for the transmission of viruses and other scripts that are harmful to the system.

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Microsoft Windows
Detail pif file extension information:
File Type: pif
File Format: Program Information File
Primary Association: Executable Files
Mime Type: application/octet-stream