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format file pff

What is a pff file and how do I open a pff file?

Formatta portable form files are affixed with the .pff extension, and the content of a PFF file includes page layout attributes and formatting specifications that have been configured by the author of the portable Formatta forms. Formatta Designer is an application that can be used to create interactive forms which can be implemented into Web documents and other digital materials, and this program can be used to opena nd view the content of these PFF files. This application cna also be used to edit or modify the content of these PFF files. Formatta Filler is in turn a program that can be used to enter data into forms that were created with the Formatta Designer software.

Recommended pff file download:
Access Formatta Filler
Access Formatta Designer
Detail pff file extension information:
File Type: pff
File Format: Formatta Portable Form File
Primary Association: Page Layout Files