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format file ndoc

What is a ndoc file and how do I open a ndoc file?

The NDOC file extension is used for a Naver Word file created by NHN. Naver word is a web based application whose features include charts, images, page formatting, tables, stylized text and templates. It’s a portal that has originated in South Korea and founded in 1999. The acronym NHN stands for Next Human Network and is the result of the merger of two companies namely Naver.com and Hangame Communications Incorporated of which the former was a company engaged in search engine services and the latter in online gaming services. NHN was able to gain affiliates from other countries like Japan, US and China which was the result of its success in South Korea. In fact Naver is considered as one of the sought after search engine in South Korea and highly preferred for its accurate and innovative search engine service. Another feature that made Naver a leader in search engines is its “Comprehensive Search” which allows users to have multiple results from their queries over this portal.

Recommended ndoc file download:
NHN Naver Ndrive
NHN Naver Ndrive
NHN Naver Word
Detail ndoc file extension information:
File Type: ndoc
File Format: Naver Word
Primary Association: Text Files