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format file mnt

What is a mnt file and how do I open a mnt file?

The MNT file extension is used for a file associated with Microsoft Visual FoxPro Menu Memo. This file is also related with .MNX file extension which is in part included in Visual FoxPro. Visual FoxPro got its name from FoxPro which in turn was originally based on FoxBASE (developed in 1984 by Fox Software). It later evolved as Visual FoxPro upon the merger of Microsoft Corporation and Fox Technologies in 1992. Various versions were released for FoxPro which worked well with different operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Unix and DOS. Other versions were read only by Mac OS and Windows which was later intended solely for the use of Windows. This was evident of their latest Visual FoxPro release which was COM-based (Component Objective Model). This was introduced by Microsoft in 1993 wherein dynamic object creation and interprocess communication is enabled in a range of programming languages. The word COM is usually used in the development of Microsoft products that includes DCOM, OLE, OLE Automation and ActiveX.

Recommended mnt file download:
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Detail mnt file extension information:
File Type: mnt
File Format: FoxPro Menu Memo
Primary Association: Text Files