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format file mdb

What is a mdb file and how do I open a mdb file?

Files that are known as Microsoft Access Database files created using Microsoft Access are saved using the MDB file extension which is why they are known as MDB files. These files are categorized as database files because they mostly contain the structure of databases, the entries and forms, the queries, the reports, the settings of the database security as well as the stored procedures which means that they do not only contain the actual data in a database file but they also contain technical data and structures especially the tables and the fields usually present in databases. It is possible to import MDB files to other programs such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. They can also be accessed using MySQL and Oracle application since MDB files also follow the Open DataBase Connectivity standard. However, MDB files are mainly accessed using Microsoft Access by which it is only available on Windows operating systems even though it comes with some Microsoft Office software packages.

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Detail mdb file extension information:
File Type: mdb
File Format: Microsoft Access Database
Primary Association: Microsoft Access Files
Mime Type: application/mdb, application/msaccess, application/vnd.msaccess, application/vnd.ms-access, application/x-mdb, application/x-msaccess, zz-application/zz-winassoc-mdb