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format file klg

What is a klg file and how do I open a klg file?

The KLG file extension is identified as a Log File and categorized as a text file. KLG file contain any log of events that may pertain to various actions of different applications. This file is primarily used by Sophos Anti-Virus software, a security software and hardware created by SOPHOS. Anti-virus software helps protect computers from the following threats like computer virus, malware, hijackers, spywares, Trojan horses, worms, malicious LSP, fraud tools, key loggers, dialers, backdoors and adwares. It’s signature based protection software that continues to monitor known patterns of any data within the boundaries of executable code. Protection of information is very important from users who have malicious intent. Their act mainly comprises theft like credit card numbers, identity of people, social security numbers, bank account numbers and other details that they may find useful in the pursuit of their corrupted goals. There is also anti-virus software that deploys HEURISTIC analysis which identifies any malware that is a new copy of a known malware previously detected.

Mac OS
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Any text editor
Detail klg file extension information:
File Type: klg
File Format: Log File
Primary Association: Text Files