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format file key

What is a key file and how do I open a key file?

KEY files are also known as Keynote Presentation files. They are categorized as data files and are usually used by Apple, Inc. These files refer to the presentations that were created using Apple's Keynote presentation software wherein they contain slides, texts, XML data, images and transitions that are mostly used in a certain presentation. KEY files are usually found in the Mac OS X package format. The main application associated with KEY files is the Apple Keynote 5.1 and this is an application that allows users to create presentations. It is a useful application for the creation of incredible presentations in a fast and easy manner. This software is the one responsible for the creation of a unique slide show. With this, the KEY files used by this application contribute a lot to the creation of better presentations using the software. Since the Apple Keynote 5.1 only runs on MAC, KEY files used by the software can also be opened on MAC using the said software.

Mac OS
Recommended key file download:
Apple Keynote 5.3
Apple Keynote
Detail key file extension information:
File Type: key
File Format: Keynote Presentation
Primary Association: Microsoft Files