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format file iil

What is an iil file and how do I open an iil file?

The IIL file extension is used for a CleanSweep Installation Log file which includes removed files and programs using Norton CleanSweep. Programs that can open this file are Norton CleanSweep and Text editor. Norton CleanSweep is designed by Quarterdeck to help in the removal of unwanted programs in a computer. It was acquired by Symantec and sold solely as a stand alone product in the market. Full operation of CleanSweep begins on startup wherein three components are loaded automatically of which logs and tracks any changes that were made to help in uninstallation. Taking care of monitoring the setup programs that are running is the job of the Smart Sweep. Monitoring the installation of Plug-in and Active X control is done by Internet Sweep module. Keeping track of files which are being accessed is assigned to the Usage Watch component. Various information that are collected by Usage Watch as to which files are seldom accessed is normally suggested for discard and no longer needed.

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View with a text editor
Used by Norton CleanSweep
Detail iil file extension information:
File Type: iil
File Format: CleanSweep Installation Log
Primary Association: Text Files