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format file gthr

What is a gthr file and how do I open a gthr file?

The GTHR file extension is used for a Gather Log File developed by Microsoft Corporation. GTHR file is data log collected by Microsoft logging utility and normally created after the indexing process by SharePoint Portal Server, Windows Search and Microsoft Exchange. Messages and Documents that were not indexed properly is the reason behind the creation of GTHR files. This file is usually viewed with the utility Gthrlog.vbsthrough the command cscript gthrlog.vbs “[path to GTHRfile]”. GTHR files contain only index data and may include huge files which can be deleted but doing so would result to a much longer indexing time on the next indexing actions. Index is plain list of data that is saved in plain text format which allows quick scan by a search algorithm. This process naturally makes fast sorting and seeking operations of data that was made available for index. Information such as keywords or metadata is some of the samples that use indexes.

Recommended gthr file download:
View in a text editor
Microsoft Gthrlog.vbs
Detail gthr file extension information:
File Type: gthr
File Format: Gather Log File
Primary Association: Text Files