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format file fpk

What is a fpk file and how do I open a fpk file?

A Civilization 4 data file is implemented with encoding and compilation specifications of a proprietary game assets file format developed by 2K Games, and these Civilization 4 data files are stored in the FPK format. 2K Games integrated these FPK files into the Sid Meier's Civilization 4 video game to store digital graphics and animated objects used for the visual elements embedded in this video game. These digital graphics and animated sequences or motion graphics can be extracted from the Sid Meier's Civilization 4 video game by using the PakBuild software, and the Macapaka application can also be used to do this. The Macapaka software was particularly developed for Mac platforms, while the PakBuild program can be installed and used in computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems. The Sid Meier's Pirates video game also implements the FPK file format for storing digital graphics and interactive animated content used in this video game. The PakBuild software and the Macapaka application can also be used for extracting digital graphics and animated clips used in the Sid Meier's Pirates video game.

Mac OS
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Detail fpk file extension information:
File Type: fpk
File Format: Civilization 4 Data File
Primary Association: Game Files