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format file etx

What is an etx file and how do I open an etx file?

The ETX file extension is related to Setext Structure Enhanced Text File. Its purpose is to distribute any information to the internet. Basically categorized as text file, it is often in the ASCII text format and can be opened by any text editor or through EasyView. It can also format any plain text documents like posts, emails and newsletters. Setext is considered as a light weight markup language in such that texts created are easy to read and understand. It was introduced by Ian Feldman in 1992 and intended for use by the electronic newsletter called TidbITS. Lightweight markup language is a language that involves a simple syntax. It is designed to be simple and allows users to easily get involved through a text editor and permits them to be able to read text plainly. This language is also used in simple applications wherein document source and output are read according to users’ chosen medium.

Mac OS
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Detail etx file extension information:
File Type: etx
File Format: Structure Enhanced Text (Setext) File
Primary Association: Text Files