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format file efk

What is an efk file and how do I open an efk file?

An Ensoniq KT File is saved with proprietary digital music encoding and compression specifications, and these are stored in the EFK format. Appended with the .efk extension, an Ensoniq KT file can be opened and played using the Ensoniq KT software, which is a program classified as music production studio software. These digital music production applications are used for the creation and improvement of digital audio tracks. The Ensoniq KT software can also be used to create and modify the content of an EFK file. The data stored in these .efk files may include pitch and tone settings, timing sequences, musical notations and metadata details associated to sound clips and other EFK audio files used by the author during the creation of the EFK project. When a user opens an EFK file using the Ensoniq KT application, this software references the data stored in the KT file, locates and loads other sound clips or audio tracks included by the author of the KT file. This application does this to provide the user with the set of functionalities he or she accessed in this program to view the content of the EFK file.

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Chicken Systems Translator
Detail efk file extension information:
File Type: efk
File Format: Ensoniq KT File
Primary Association: Audio Files