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format file df2

What is a df2 file and how do I open a df2 file?

The DF2 file extension is a data format known as Defractor 2 Instrument. DF2 files are audio files created from the second version of Defractor, a freeware synthesizer program. Specifications include two oscillators, 12 mathematically generated waveforms with 1 custom waveform, 2 envelope generators, variety of filters, custom algorithm based synthesis engine, overdrive, attenuator, synchronizer and others. Oscillators and waveforms are bases of most popular synthesis techniques today. Envelope generators use parameters such as attack, decay, sustain and release time. The smoothing filters are known as low-pass filters and attenuators are passive devices that dictate the output level of a signal generator. The software is used to create acid and analog bass sounds. It features a sample preview. DF2 files and Defractor were developed by Jenner Fusari, an Italian musician. The latest version is Defractor 0.97ß.Files in DF2 format can be opened with Neurotix Defractor in Microsoft Windows based systems.

Recommended df2 file download:
Neurotix Defractor
Detail df2 file extension information:
File Type: df2
File Format: Defractor 2 Instrument
Primary Association: Audio Files