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format file bi

What is a bi file and how do I open a bi file?

A binary byte sequence file is created for the utility of applications that were designed with a set of integrated features for opening and viewing files and digital documents that have been integrated with ANSI binary formatting specifications. A binary byte sequence file can also be used by programs that were developed with many functionalities for creating files and documents among other digital multimedia content materials that are implemented with ANSI binary formatting standards. These binary byte sequence files can be opened and viewed using any text editor, though its content may not be human-readable. These binary byte sequence files are integrated with plain ASCII text formatting specifications that allow its content to be in plain text that is stored in the BI file format. These binary byte sequence files are also appended with the .bi extension.

Recommended bi file download:
Microsoft Notepad
Detail bi file extension information:
File Type: bi
File Format: Binary Byte Sequence File
Primary Association: Text Files