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format file avr

What is an avr file and how do I open an avr file?

The AVR file extension is a data format known as Audio Visual Research File. AVR files were developed for use on Apple Macintosh computers. They were specifically, used for the older 680x0-based Atari ST computer systems. This outdated Mac sound format contains sampling rate in mono or stereo at 8 or 16-bits at one or two channels of audio files. They have a fixed-size, 128-byte fixed-format header, MIDI sample loop and MIDI application information. They are characterized by the utilization of the MPEG-2 video codec transport stream for its video, associated with the AVF format. They allow the storage of image, audio and video, catering to non-linear editing by providing its own codecs, optimized specifically for their software. They provide faster editing time yields without sacrificing quality. Files in AVR format can be opened with SoundApp in Mac Operating systems. These files can also be converted to an MP3 or WAV format using free conversion tools.

Mac OS
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File Type: avr
File Format: Audio Visual Research File
Primary Association: Audio Files