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format file zpl

What is a zpl file and how do I open a zpl file?

The ZPL file extension is a data file format associated to Microsoft’s free Zune software. ZPL files and Zune were developed by Microsoft Corporation. These files contain playlists of songs or videos saved by Zune to manage and organize such playlists by libraries, genres, or favorites. The Zune software is used to transfer multimedia files in different devices such as XBox, PCs, Windows Phones and Zune Player. By nature, Zune playlist is not compatible with Winamp and other players. So to be able to allow playlist work in Winamp, ZPL files must be converted to M3U, PLS or WPL files by using Zune Playlist Converter. It is also possible to import the Zune playlist into an Excel worksheet by using the XML and XPath. Aside from software, Zune used to create Zune player hardware which was similar to an MP3 player but production already ended in 2011 and was replaced by Windows Phones.

Recommended zpl file download:
Microsoft Zune
Detail zpl file extension information:
File Type: zpl
File Format: Zune Playlist
Primary Association: Zone Alarm Files
Mime Type: text/plain