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format file yam

What is a yam file and how do I open a yam file?

The .yam file extension is used by Yahoo! Seller's Manager because it is used to refer to data files that the program created. Yahoo Seller’s Manager is a Yahoo! Auctions program mainly allowing users to manage their desktop auction properly. This software is known as E-Bay’s competitor and it is very convenient for users who want to establish an auction site online. They contribute a lot to the quick and effective creation and management of auctions. This software allows the tracking and managing of auctions even without internet connection. In just a few seconds, users can create listings of auctions in their desktop already as well as allows the submission of these listing by batch as soon as they are ready. Now, the yam files that are created by this software are responsible for saving this auction information that usually contains the items for sale, the item categories as well as information about the seller.

Recommended yam file download:
Yahoo! Seller's Manager
Detail yam file extension information:
File Type: yam
File Format: Yahoo! Auctions Data
Primary Association: Data Files