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format file xmcd

What is a xmcd file and how do I open a xmcd file?

Files that have the .xmcd extension are known as Mathcad Worksheet Files because they are XML-based worksheets that Mathcad software created. Mathcad is a program used for engineering calculations and it was acquired by the Parametric Technology Corporation although its original developer was Mathsoft. The files containing this extension that are used by this application contain elements that are either math or text. They help in engineering processes especially in terms of verifying and validating calculations regarding engineering. These files are mostly used by some companies, engineers, as well as developers when designing and manufacturing some products to be distributed and sold. These .xmcd files and the software make mathematical equations, graphs, texts, etc. easier to do. Applications associated with this .xmcd extension are also used to open .xmcd files and these applications are PTC Mathcad, Mathcad Professional, Adobe Reader as well as .xmcd file converter and .xmcd file editor software.

Recommended xmcd file download:
PTC Mathcad Prime 2.0
SMath Studio
Detail xmcd file extension information:
File Type: xmcd
File Format: Mathcad Worksheet File
Primary Association: Data Files