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format file wtx

What is a wtx file and how do I open a wtx file?

Files saved with the extension .wtx are plain text files associated by default to Microsoft Windows 7. These WTX documents are frequently used to store data developed as reference details of developers for their applications, installer packages or distributions, groupware development packages, notes and memos of certain programs and as reference files of some software. These WTX files are usually stored in installation distributions of applications and device driver software downloads. The content of these WTX documents may contain directory paths of installed program files in instances where these text documents are used as reference data of an application installed by the user in a Microsoft Windows-based system, and in such situations, the installer of the application automatically creates and stores these reference text files in the same directory as where the program files of the same application is found. These WTX files can be used as documentation materials for application logs, and are also mostly implemented as how README files are used by application developers. Microsoft Windows Notepad and Microsoft Windows WordPad can be used to open these files in the .wtx format to view its content.

Recommended wtx file download:
Microsoft Notepad
Microsoft WordPad
Detail wtx file extension information:
File Type: wtx
File Format: Text Document
Primary Association: Text Files