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format file wsi

What is a wsi file and how do I open a wsi file?

The .wsi file extension is mainly associated with the Wise Package Studio program. This Wise Package Studio program is software used to create installers and the packages created using this software are what are deemed as .wsi files. The main function of this program is not just to create installers for applications but it also functions well in patch packaging for Windows. All the packages and projects created using the program are known as .wsi files. They are known as package files because they belong to one archive and only by using the said program can they be installed in the system. The functions of these files are a bit similar to that of the functions of .msi. The only difference they have is the fact that these .wsi files are used by Wise Package program. Several Symantec applications can be used to open these files such as Symantec Wise Package Studio, Symantec Wise Installation Studio and Symantec Wise Installation Express.

Recommended wsi file download:
Symantec Wise Package Studio
Symantec Wise Installation Studio
Symantec Wise Installation Express
Detail wsi file extension information:
File Type: wsi
File Format: Wise Package Studio Installer Package
Primary Association: Data Files