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format file wp5

What is a wp5 file and how do I open a wp5 file?

Files with the .wp5 extension can be opened using the WordPerfect application, particularly version 5 and later. The WordPerfect 5 application can be used to create and edit or modify the content of these WP5 files. The content of these WP5 files, as these are text documents, consist of data that may have text and layout formatting elements in case the creators of those WP5 documents implemented the formatting features available in the WordPerfect 5 program. Corel developed the WordPerfect 5 application as an upgrade to earlier versions of this word processing application, and this version as well as older ones were intended for the Microsoft DOS (Disk Operating System) environment. The WordPerfect 5 software provided the feature of inserting and formatting tables into the content of WP5 files, something that was unavailable in earlier versions of this word processing program from Corel. As of this writing, users can install Corel WordPerfect Office X6 to create, open/view and modify the content stored in documents saved in the .wp5 format.

Recommended wp5 file download:
Corel WordPerfect Office X7
Detail wp5 file extension information:
File Type: wp5
File Format: WordPerfect 5 Document
Primary Association: Text Files
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