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format file wnk

What is a wnk file and how do I open a wnk file?

Files with the .wnk extension are used by the program Wink. This program is used for the creation of software tutorials that help users easily start using a particular program. The files with this extension are usually presentation files the software created and they usually contain slide collections that are in the form of screenshots the program took. Other data can also be contained by these .wnk files such as audio, shapes, titles of slides, styles as well as appearance properties. These tutorial files can indeed help users learn a lot about certain software. Another application that makes use of the .wnk files is Three Degrees, an application allowing users to sigh into a P2P application with the use of a .net passport. This software is responsible for group chats as well as other messenger features. Files containing the .wnk extension can be opened even without the Wink program or the Three Degrees program because a file converter and editor can be used to open them.

Recommended wnk file download:
DebugMode Wink
DebugMode Wink
Detail wnk file extension information:
File Type: wnk
File Format: Wink Presentation
Primary Association: Data Files