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format file tpc

What is a tpc file and how do I open a tpc file?

The 3D Topicscape application uses files in the .tpc format as placeholder files, and these TPC files are more commonly referred to as topic connection placeholder files. This means when users of this application opens a 3D Topicscape output project to view its content, these users can access the content of other topics in different associated 3D Topicscape output projects through links in the current 3D Topicscape project on focus. This also means a 3D Topicscape output file currently being viewed by the user will reference linked TCP files. The creation of these TPC files happens when the 3D Topicscape program detects the exportation of files stored with inter-Topicscape topic-link content unto Microsoft Windows-based systems. Since the 3D Topicscape software just references these TPC files and does not load them unto itself, this helps users conserve RAM and OS memory resources, which in turn can optimize the performance of their computers and currently running applications. The content of TPC files can also be viewed by using text editing applications.

Recommended tpc file download:
3D Topicscape
Detail tpc file extension information:
File Type: tpc
File Format: Topic Connection Placeholder
Primary Association: Text Files