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format file tng

What is a tng file and how do I open a tng file?

TNG files are also known as Namo WebCanvas vector graphic files. These files were developed by SJ NAMO, INC. and used by the Namo WebCanvas application. TNG files contain vector graphics used by the software and these files allow users to use the software for creating their projects. These files make creating projects that deal with vector image files easier. TNG file are usually opened with the use of the Namo WebCanvas application. This program is a known vector-based Web graphic drawing tool. It is also an optimized tool associated with the Namo WebEditor and it makes it easy for users to create and manage graphic resources that belong to a unified environment. This application, with the contribution of the TNG files, promotes the creation of attractive images that can also be downloaded fast. TNG files fall under the category of graphic files and they can also be opened using Namo WebCanvas and Namo WebEditor.

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Detail tng file extension information:
File Type: tng
File Format: Namo WebCanvas Vector Graphic File
Primary Association: Vector Graphics Files