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format file t09

What is a t09 file and how do I open a t09 file?

TaxCut (software available either online or on a DVD) is developed by H&R Block e-solutions and is used for the preparation of federal and state tax return forms. It’s very convenient to complete this task online but many people find doing such difficult on their own, this is where TaxCut comes in. Using the TaxCut software one can submit the data directly to the IRS online, print for mailing later or alternatively export data to a PDF (Portable Document Format) file which is more widely accepted and viewable on computers in which the TaxCut software is not installed. The number at the end signifies the year for which the return is created, in this instance 2009. It’s important to note that you can only open each file with the version of TaxCut in which it was created, a notable inconvenience to using this software. For this reason many people seek alternative solutions such as TaxACT.

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Recommended t09 file download:
H&R Block At Home
H&R Block At Home
Detail t09 file extension information:
File Type: t09
File Format: At Home 2009 Tax Return
Primary Association: Data Files