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format file sui

What is a sui file and how do I open a sui file?

A StarSplatter user interface file is a data file containing digital objects, image elements and text along with other formatting attributes and layout elements, and these StarSplatter user interface files are used for the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the StarSplatter application. A StarSplatter user interface file is integrated with encoding specifications used for the SUI file format, and these SUI files are affixed with the .sui extension. The StarSplatter program is categorized as an astrophysical image generation program, which means this software is used as a tool to develop digital astrophysical objects and perspective images of these cosmic digital elements. The StarSplatter application was developed with a set of functionalities that can store viewing angle configurations and color depth and quality parameters in the output files generated by the software. These set of functionalities are implemented with easy to use standards for user access, and this is integrated into this program with the help of the content stored in the associated StarSplatter user interface file.

Recommended sui file download:
StarSplatter User Interface
Detail sui file extension information:
File Type: sui
File Format: StarSplatter User Interface File
Primary Association: Data Files