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format file sqx

What is a sqx file and how do I open a sqx file?

Compressed files created by SQX Archive, a high performance tool used for compressing files. The compression process is where several files are placed into one container which is called the archive and the overall archive containing the numerous flees are the SQX files. The main compression algorithm mostly used by SQX files are a variation of LZH files and users can freely download these files for use with other file compressors. SQX files also support 32K to 4096K LZ dictionaries as well as dictionary of up to 32768K when in its ultra compression mode. These files contain numerous compression extensions when handling multimedia information as well as they also contain high speed audio compressor. The 128/256-bit AES file data encryption is very strong and reliable as well as these files are even responsible for the independent encryption of archive directories. These files also support 64-bit file systems and contain DOS, Win32 and x64 modules wherein multi volume archives are supported by all these modules.

Recommended sqx file download:
SQX Archiver UnSqueez
Detail sqx file extension information:
File Type: sqx
File Format: SQX Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files